Lilia Newman


Lilia Newman, M.S., CCC-SLP; BE

Lilia Newman, M.S., CCC-SLP is the director/supervisor and speech language pathologist at Communicate Better. She has been working as a speech-language pathologist (SLP) for over twenty years. She first received her degree and worked as a licensed speech-language pathologist in her home country Brazil (Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia) after which she worked in her own private practice and many special education schools. In Brazil, there was a post graduate degree in Psychomotricity which was a treatment approach that looked at the whole and not only at specific parts of development. It was a more holistic view of children's development and their treatment.

In 1995 she immigrated to the United States and completed a second graduate coursework in Communication Disorder by obtaining a Masters in Science (MS) in speech and language pathology in 2003. At that time she also obtained all licenses in New York State along with other certifications: for Speech-Language Pathology, a Certification of Clinical competence (CCC) accredited by the American Speech and Hearing Association, and a bilingual extension certification (BE) in Spanish and Portuguese. Her bilingual extension was obtained through an academic program at Long Island University designed to address bilingualism, language impairment and bilingual speech-language therapy. Since then, Lilia Newman has been evaluating and providing treatments to children with speech and language impairments in three languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese) in the school settings, homes and since 2006 from her own practice in Brooklyn NY.

In her first three years in New York, Lilia Newman worked in the public school system as a full-time speech-language pathologist through different districts in the Bronx, Queens and in Brooklyn District 15 (PS 10). A few years later, with the motivation in early speech-language acquisition she decided to become specialized in pediatrics and worked many years in special education preschool programs at the non-profit agency Young Adult Institute - (YAI). She was part of a team of Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Social Workers for the evaluation and intervention of preschool children and also part of the bilingual task force that implemented bilingual education in special education settings. Simultaneously after school hours, Lilia Newman started to provide services to children age 0-3 through early intervention (EI) home care agencies. After more than a half decade working with a few agencies, Lilia Newman decided to open her own private practice. There was a significant demand for bilingual speech-language therapy from ages 1-5 so she felt confident she could base her work and resources in her own practice - Communicate Better. Her caseload at present consists of children: infants; toddlers; and preschoolers coming from English only homes as well as bilingual backgrounds: Brazilian-Portuguese and from Spanish speaking homes.

For almost a decade, Lilia Newman has received referrals from "word of mouth" -parents, school professionals, other therapists and doctors as well as the public school districts. She has worked "solo" for several years but when the number of referrals exceeded her ability to attend to all children she started to recruit other speech-language pathologists to work with her.


Lilia Newman Mission Statement

I feel my mission is to help children and their parents in their journey toward developing better communication among themselves and with everybody else in their world.

I work intensively to develop a clinical environment where evidence-based approaches are put into practice. I feel very passionate about the field of speech-language and feeding therapy. I love what I do and after more than 20 years in the field, I still feel so motivated and eager to learn. I look at every child and his/her family as an opportunity to get better in what I do. I truly see every parent as the expert of his/her child, so when they come to me for help I will share my expertise with them and make them even more knowledgeable about their children.

My work is done in a non-discriminatory, unbiased environment where every child and family of any race, social-economic educational status and nationality will receive the same treatment. Throughout the years, I have developed cultural awareness and sensitivity to treat children and families from diverse backgrounds. I truly think that quality speech-language therapy is for all. It's my obligation and ethic to keep myself current with the latest research, enroll in continuing education courses, participate in conferences and workshops as much as possible and inform the families I serve


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